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About Inkcre Media

About our company

About US

InkcreMedia is established in one of the largest e-Gaming Markets of the world – India. Part of the expanding Gaming Universe, it was found to bring Gamers on one platform. Our mission is to build the largest network of Gamers through Unique Content, Multi-Channel Media, Events, and Esports.

We also aim to redefine the gaming media by creating a viable platform to inform, educate and entertain. Not limiting our space to one region or country, our goal is to expand across borders and bring alike audiences together.

As Gaming has become a core aspect of everyday life it can be used as a tool to educate and entertain. It has transformed from a product of leisure to a platform of livelihood. Managing multiple high-growth and renowned digital gaming platforms, we know what gamers want.

One of our objectives is to drive the Gamer’s or would-be gaming professionals to the right track for achieving a viable career.

Meet Our Team

Meet our Team – (Each One is a Gamer from Heart and a Performer from Experience)

Our odd collective helps us to gather ideas that please audiences crossing the boundaries of race, creed, gender or any other differentiating feature. We first and foremost believe in delivering flexible solutions and on the spot ideas to help build a base from which the real journey of the work begins.

Ugrasen Yadav

Managing Director
Vignesh Rao

Vignesh Rao

Operations Director

Raaj Srivastava

Editorial Director
Nikita Hariname

Nikita Hariname

Project Lead
Omair Iqbal

Omair Iqbal

SEO Manager